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    My favorite Holiday Pandora Stations


    Tis the season to put on a little music and start wrapping those gifts, baking those cookies or just sit by the fire and read a great book! I love to listen to some christmas music while I’m working ( especially when I am designing holiday items in the middle of July!) So here are a few of my favorite pandora stations to get you in the Holiday Spirit!

    Rockin’ Holidays Radio – A classic station with a mix of new and old rockin’ Holiday Songs

    Indie Holidays – Dashboard. Belle & Sebastian, She and Him ( holiday music for the hipster soul)

    The Waitresses – My all time favorite Christmas song!

    Rockin Around The Christmas Tree – Classic up beat classics like the Beach Boys & Dean Martin

    What Christmas Means to Me – A little Motown Christmas with the Jackson 5 & Stevie Wonder

    Holly Jolly Christmas – A little Bing Crosby anyone?


    Fun and Games with Typography


    I love good typography. Perfect kerning and a beautiful typefaces in just the right color can make a good design, great! Which is probably why i find typography games so fun and addictive. I really enjoy playing the Kerning game (KernType) where you can try your hand at creating the perfect space between letters on a variety of fonts. My average score is 93, let me know in the comments what yours is!


    Another really fun game is Shape Type, where you can practice shaping a letter form by dragging the handles of an anchor point, much like you do in adobe illustrator to draw the exact shape you need. It might take a bit of practice, but its really satisfying to see how close you can get to the original letter!

    Memorial Day Outing!

    campingThis Memorial Day Weekend, we headed to Central New York to visit family. We spent one afternoon, enjoying the outdoors and all the splendors of camping, without actually having to camp! My brother-in-law were camping at a lovely state park and invited us all over to their site for a cookout. And of course what cookout would be complete without S’mores!


    After lunch we all decided to go search for a letterbox. If you aren’t familiar with letterboxing (we weren’t until they told us about it) it’s a cross between a treasure hunt and an arts and crafts project. It is sometimes confused with geocaching, but instead of GPS coordinates, you have to follow a series of clues to find the hidden box (or multiples boxes in some cases), and instead of swapping small trinkets with the ones hidden inside the box, you take get to make an imprint of the hand-carved stamp into your log book, and leave an imprint on your own personal stamp inside the logbook hidden in the box. You can find out more about letterboxing at Atlasquest!

    It was the first letterbox find for my niece and she had such a great time, when we returned the box to its hiding place, she wanted to go find more treasure. Have any of you ever tried letter boxing or geocaching?

    Etsy Goes Public! And I was there!


    I was so honored that Etsy invited me to help celebrate the launch of their IPO (initial public offering) when they started trading last week on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Honored, isn’t even the right word. more like shocked! I have been a seller on etsy since 2008 with my shop Peppersprouts, and I opened the chattypress on etsy 3 years later in 2011, but i never thought they would invite me to be part of something so big!

    I drove down from Massachusetts on Wednesday evening, had dinner at etsy headquarters in Brooklyn ( and waved to my old apartment fro the BQE) and then spent the night in Times Square, which is really weird if you have ever lived in New York before.


    In the morning I took part in the bell ringing ceremony at the NASDAQ in Times Square, and got to meet so many amazing sellers, and members of the etsy team! It was a little surreal and so much fun. There was also a market set up in belly of times square, where many of my fellow sellers were able to sell their handmade and vintage goods! It was just incredible.

    I truly am thankful and honored to be a part of this occasion, and once in a lifetime moment. I hope this new chapter of etsy makes the best kind of history.