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Memorial Day Outing!

campingThis Memorial Day Weekend, we headed to Central New York to visit family. We spent one afternoon, enjoying the outdoors and all the splendors of camping, without actually having to camp! My brother-in-law were camping at a lovely state park and invited us all over to their site for a cookout. And of course what cookout would be complete without S’mores!


After lunch we all decided to go search for a letterbox. If you aren’t familiar with letterboxing (we weren’t until they told us about it) it’s a cross between a treasure hunt and an arts and crafts project. It is sometimes confused with geocaching, but instead of GPS coordinates, you have to follow a series of clues to find the hidden box (or multiples boxes in some cases), and instead of swapping small trinkets with the ones hidden inside the box, you take get to make an imprint of the hand-carved stamp into your log book, and leave an imprint on your own personal stamp inside the logbook hidden in the box. You can find out more about letterboxing at Atlasquest!

It was the first letterbox find for my niece and she had such a great time, when we returned the box to its hiding place, she wanted to go find more treasure. Have any of you ever tried letter boxing or geocaching?

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