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My Mini Summer Vacation


My Husband and I decided when our first anniversary rolled around, that instead of getting each other gifts every year, we would take go somewhere together. To make it fair, year one, we would plan it together ( we visited the Pacific Northwest for 10 days ) Year 2 he would plan a getaway, I get year three and then we start the series over. This year we spent the weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We had been there before, but never overnight, so it was nice to explore and really enjoy the scenery.


Last summer, I drove us up the Mt. Washington Auto Road, and I had do desire to drive up again, so we took the trip via the Cog Railway. It was so calm and enjoyable, and I didn’t have to hug the wall once we reached the top this time. While it was a clear day at the bottom of the mountain, we were really in the cloud at the top. I had such a lovely little break, and am excited to see what the rest of summer brings!


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